Warm Greetings from KVS Mat family !

Children are the most important assets of any country and the most important human resource for overall development. Schools are one of the settings outside the home where children can acquire new knowledge and skills to grow into productive and capable citizens. Schools ought to play a much bigger role in shaping youth and instilling curiosity, integrity and creativity.
“Creativity is intelligence having fun”.Creativity is a substance mainly of aesthetic beauty. With this concept, Memoirs–18 has given imaginative freedom to the artistic instincts, already present within. This edition is replete with articles of multi dimensions. The activities and achievement of the institution with photos are well placed in this magazine.
I have no doubt that these articles and feature will be informative and interesting. The efforts of all the members of the editorial board in this direction are appreciable.
I wish to thank the management for their whole hearted support and encouragement.
I also wish the trend to continue in future and like the students to get very good recognition and rewards in their curricular co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

“Celebrate what we have accomplished
but raise the bar
a little higher
each time you succeed”

God Bless!